Low cost, versatile
benchtop viewing system

Improves productivity and quality control

Reduces eye strain and operator fatigue

Provides easy viewing of complex surfaces

Offers true stereo images

MANTIS FX free-standing model with substage illumination

 Bridging the Gap Between
Magnifier and Microscope

An accurate tool for assembly, inspection, or rework of electronic components, improving yield of board assemblies
 Stereo Optics
A hallmark of more expensive microscopes, patented stereo optics deliver true three-dimensional, stereo images, without the need for eyepieces that are difficult to use. Operators can easily switch between true magnification of 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X and 10X.
Better lighting, both reflected and transmitted, is adjustable for pin-sharp images. Depth perception and color rendition is truer, making inspection of complex surfaces more accurate.

The latest in ergonomic design provides a wide viewing area to allow operators to wear eyeglasses while working. It also reduces eye strain, which is a source of muscle figure. The Mantis design allows an operator to comfortably view the projected image, offering longer working distance and greater freedom of head and body movement.

Mantis offers the flexibility manufacturers need for assembly, rework, and inspection. By engineering the best features of microscopes into an entry-level viewing system, the Mantis allows operators improved productivity, increased throughput, greater quality control, and less fatigue at an affordable price.

Features easy selection of magnification for inspecton of dental bridges, crowns, and impressions

Precision Engineering
Permits stereo viewing of intricately machined or plastic injection molded products



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